A Ride in The Llandudno Cablecar!

Although I had visited Llandudno a number of times before, it wasn’t until my June 2008 trip that I finally got around to taking a ride on the Cable Car! The little gondolas of different colours had always presented a wonderful sight during my wanderings on the Orme, the little cars gliding in the distance, and the stations at the foot in Happy Valley, and at the top beside the Summit Complex, were full of the whirrings of interesting machinery! Anyway, it was my last Sunday in Llandudno for what could turn out to be a while, so I was packing as much in as possible – a wander around the Orme was in order (complete with a Cappucino at the Captain’s table) but I wanted to get there in time for my coffee – and in style! So I decided to take the cable car. This might not have been such a good idea consdering I had just hurt my ribs so badly jumping into the speedboat (they are still not pain free even now, but are much better than they were!)

llandudno cable car great orme cablecar

It’s a good job I’m not afraid of heights, or I could have been heading for trouble! In any case, I had my little camera ready, so have provided a video of the journey! At the very beginning it was very clanky and noisy as the car was pushed out onto the line, but almost immediately the ride settled into an eery, gliding silence. There was quite a wind up, which meant the camera didn’t capture the silence but a load of wind noise, so I added some music to save my readers’ ears! All in all it was very enjoyable, gliding up above the Orme with fantastic views of Conwy, Llandudno and the Snowdonia Mountains, thankfully it was a clear, bright day! I had fun waving to some children in a gondola which passed, and every time the car passed one of the poles, the sound of the machinery was pretty scary, but I did reach the summit safely, and was glad to get my feet back on terra firma.

I got to the Captain’s table and enjoyed a coffee, before having a wander around the Orme and then making my way back down into Llandudno via Happy Valley. The Llandudno cablecar ride is another memory of the resort which I will treasure – and who knows, next time I may try going down in the Cablecar instead of up. For what goes up… 😉

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