Red Skies Over Llandudno and the Great Orme – August 2012

This August I made it back to Llandudno, and spent 3 glorious days out in North Wales, taking a variety of pictures and videos of Llandudno and surrounding areas, including a return visit to Anglesey! Armed with this archive of material I plan to share as much as possible in coming weeks, and begin with some pictures I took during a walk over the Great Orme on Saturday August 18th, 2012.

I had arrived that day and the weather was lovely, although the forecast for the next day was not great. After unloading my stuff in the Westdale guesthouse, I headed off with my camera. Last time I visited Llandudno I had only had my phone camera as both my cameras had broken, but in the meantime I had dug out my video camera, which also takes stills, and decided to brush the dust off it and make some use of it!

I started off by taking some videos of the windfarm off Llandudno Bay as the turbines were sharply visible on the horizon and could be seen turning in the strong offshore winds. I took some photos, and then, in a reverse of my last visit, set off on an evening walk over the Great Orme from the North Shore to the West shore (last time I had done it the other way round in equally lovely weather!).

I walked through the toll gate and began my ascent, and before long I spotted one of the Great Orme’s Kashmiri goats, who always cross my path when I visit Llandudno and wander over the Orme! I got some great shots of them, including a video of one of them leaping over a dry stone wall when a car approached! I was passed by some girls with scouse accents who asked me if I had seen the seals, I said I hadn’t as I had been focused on the goats, they said they had seen dolphins in the waters the night before. They jogged on and I passed a pair of climbers, one of whom was getting quite cross with his climb and swore at his equipment, the chap holding his rope below apologised but I just smiled and wandered on.

The walk across the Great Orme is very deceptive and I realised I was less than half way when the sun was beginning to get low in the sky. This presented a great opportunity to see the skies darken, and witness a beautiful Llandudno sunset, so I took plenty of shots as well as just enjoying the view, as the sun began to go down, and watched as it spectacularly lit up the clouds, setting fire to the sky and burnishing the heavens with a beautiful glow.

As the skies darkened further, I passed millionaire’s row on the Great Orme and was able to capture some landscape photos with out buildings providng relief, as well as the natural contours and shapes of the Orme itself. I kept snapping until my camera could barely get enough light to function, but I ended up with some rather magnificent shots of the Llandudno skies filled with fire as the sun backlit the clouds and I feasted on some beautiful views of the slowly dying day against the backdrop the the Great Orme, a place where I always find myself totally at peace with myself and everything around me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of red Llandudno skies taken from the Great Orme. Do comment if you like them, and thanks for reading. I hope to update with some more pictures and videos of Llandudno soon!

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