Rounding Off My First Day In Llandudno

I had arrived mid-afternoon on my first day, so by the time I had enjoyed my walk up Llandudno’s Little Orme, and after a little wandering around Llandudno and making a few mental notes and plans for the next day (including where to get the Great Orme Tram!) it was time to check out the local eating places for some sustenance! I’m not a great one for eating out, a Subway will do me fine (so was pleased to note a Subway branch on Mostyn Street!) – however, I was in an adventurous mood, so after locating the Asda and other stores on the new retail park, I wandered a little and saw a nice little Italian restaurant called Mamma Rosa on the quiet Mostyn Avenue, a little outside the main town centre. It looked quite busy, and this being a Bank Holiday, I wasn’t convinced I would be able to get a seat, but I braved the entrance and asked a friendly woman if they had a table for one! They were able to accommodate me, and I enjoyed some gnocchi, with a beer, followed by ice cream. There was some kind of birthday party going on opposite me, and the atmosphere and food were most pleasant!

On the way back to my hotel (the Kensington) I spent some more time walking along the Llandudno promenade and taking in the sea air. The beer had given me a taste for some more alchohol (I rarely drink, but for some reason I often enjoy a drink when spending time in a new place). The hotel bar was quiet, albeit populated by some friendly Scottish folk who appeared to be visiting Llandudno as a coach party. I had a few pints and then had a few whiskies, and watched people coming into the hotel and the darkness falling.

After a good few drinks, I felt like revisiting the sea, and asked an astonished porter to let me out! I enjoyed a stroll to look at the waves in the dark, I think it was the first time I had been on a beach at night since my Swansea student days, and the experience brought back a lot of memories.

My evening was slightly tarnished when, on the beach, I decided to eat the after dinner sweet I had been given in Mamma Rosa – and I was promptly chewing not only the sweet, but a disintegrated filling! The tooth itself was quite jagged which would make it uncomfortable for the next few days, but nothing could dent my spirits as I headed back to the Kensington, and got to my room for some sleep (cut short by the unaccustomed sea gulls crying from 4am onwards!!)

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