The Great Orme Tramway – Video Clip

I have already recounted my first few hours in Llandudno, where I walked up the Little Orme then enjoyed a nice meal! However, on my first full day, my plan was to venture up the Great Orme, and rest my weary legs by using the Great Orme Tramway! I had read about the Tramway and took a peek the night before, so I found the station easily and bought my ticket, and felt a real sense of adventure and exhilaration as the tram shuddered and began to snake its ascent up some very steep streets (I could only wonder how people might walk up them after a night on the town!) It was great to watch the other tram go past on its way down!

The tramway is split into two sections, and half way up the Orme you have to alight at the halfway station and get on another tram to get up to the summit station and complex (although you can just get a ticket for the half way station if you want, as there is plenty to explore at that level, including the Great Orme Mines. The Great Orme Tramway in Llandudno is Britain’s only remaining cable operated street tramway and one of only three surviving in the world!

For more info on this marvel of engineering, visit the following sites:

Also hope you enjoy the following little video clip of the Great Orme Trams leaving and arriving at the Great Orme Summit station 🙂

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