Video of Goats of the Orme in Llandudno – some old friends revisited!

None of my visits to Llandudno would have been complete without a wander over The Great Orme (although before some very upsetting life events took over, I had taken to exploring further afield, around Snowdonia and Betws-y-Coed) – and every time I wandered the Orme, the Great Orme goats would find me, one way or the other! I remember fondly being followed down the steps beside the Llandudno ski centre, towards Happy Valley, on my last visit, I think a couple of kids mistakenly assumed I was their mother for a few moments 🙂

So this is the first of my Llandudno videos, hopefully I will be able to post lots more videos from my archives, as I did take some footage on previous trips. I also hope to be able to make some day trips to Llandudno this spring, although staying over is at the moment unfortunately not a real option (although who knows). Anyway, I hope this little video of the Great Orme Kashmiri Goats of Llandudno is of interest. I certainly hope to see them again soon, and perhaps take some more photos and videos of Llandudno and the places and things there that have become special to me.

The goats are one of the big wildlife attractions of Llandudno, and the following sites have some more information about these fascinating and admirable animals:

The following clips were taking in early spring, 2007

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